Saturday, March 14, 2009

Before I leave...

I leave for Greece tomorrow, so excited. Finally going home. But anyay, my gift for you guys is a medly of some of the songs. It started out as three, but they refuse to upload.

However, it is youtube, so Morena sorry you can't listen/see again. Actually there's nothing much to see except for the top of the guitar, my wall, and me for like 4 seconds.

Which, by the way, I look like crap. I got up today and ran. This was after my run/gym and I look disgusting....yellowish, my hair looks crap and my eyes look huge and black...but whatever.

Also, you know I can't sing. At all. I used to sing, really greatly and I think it was in my months of not really talking at all I lost it. But its definatly coming back, so by thsi summer, maybe I'll actually get a good video up.

Oh yeah, and I laugh a lot while attempting to sing during this. So ignore that. You're welcome to laugh to, a lot. At me.

And you've all got a shout out too! I'll probably post while I'm away, but if not TTYL.


  1. Ah I thought you did really well! Sounded really good!

    I will miss you though when you're gone! Have fun!!!!

  2. i've just realized that in these i'm not even singing. the other day i did a video just to check to see if i could sing, and i could...i just don't think i'm a great multitasker. does that make sense??? like i can't sing and play at the same time.

  3. Have fun in greece! Well you've having an amazing time right now I bet. Can't wait to hear about it when you're back.

    Your video isn't working for me btw. I really want to hear your voice though, fuckkk