Sunday, August 3, 2008



I just finished BREAKING DAWN for the second time (I read it all day yesterday and again today to absorb) and its a tear-jerker. I was crying so much in this one, it was amazing-yet-hoaky-and-far-fetched-in-places, but aside from that, was so good. I wouldn't say that it is the best in the book in the series (the original is) but it still, like Steph said at the Nokia, it gave her a sense of finality and closure.

My views on some characters were changed. For example, as much as I love and will always love Edward, I have grown to love Jacob and understand him so much more than I ever have. Jacob saved this book, without him it probably wouldn't have been barable (of course reading the section where it is from Jacob's POV and switching it to Edward would be amazing, but to actually have to listen to him torment himself would be unbarable) I was so sure that Leah had imprinted on him, but when and who and how and what he did imprint on was so much more of a suprise. (I mean really, DID ANYONE SEE THAT EVER BEING A POSSIBILITY?)

The next is on Alice and Bella's relationship. I felt like theirs was weakend so much, by what I am still unable to grasp, and I wish Alice was much more present (Alice is my fave Twi character) and I did not like the strange relationship Bella had with Rosalie. I understand it, but hate it so much. Rosalie annoys me, but not because of that whole wanting-what-she-can't-have thing, but the fact that she's almost arogant of what she does have.

Bella also annoyed me. She just didn't seem like her in the first part. I mean, yeah, she has attempted to seduce a vamp, but I never thought that Eddie would give in that fast. And the whole honeymoon thing seemed a little bit hoaky. She seemed more herself in the second part, but SPOILER I'd have never seen her maternal instincts or desire for that type of bond and love that a child brings. I just didn't seem like her, and more like Rosalie. (Which I think is why she stayed preggers is to make Rose happy).

But Edward. I love Eddie. He was great as always.

'Nuff said here. More coming eventually.


  1. i haven't read the book yet but i still read this.
    and all i can say is...SHE GOT PREGNANT?!!!!!!!!!
    whoa. never saw that coming...EVER.
    whoa, whoa, whoa man. i can just imagine how her father took that information.

  2. Hmm I don't read that series, but I'm considering doing so.

    It seems interesting. haha and You love it, so it must be great.