Sunday, August 17, 2008

Concert Videos

I finally got them up!

Here they are (in order-ish)if its not mine, I made a note):


I'm Only Me When I'm With You (guitars way too loud here)

Our Song ("let's sing as obnoxiously loud as we possibly can" lol)

Tim McGraw (not mine)

Change (her new song)

Should've Said No (not mine again)

Her finale, Picture to Burn, "Don't mess with my friends in NY"


their intro and Still Feels Good (not mine)

Secret Smile (my new fave song - not mine)

Fast Cars and Freedom

Jay talking about NY girls, hilarious. "These girls up here wear little tight things" (he said this would be on youtube in the morning)

(not mine - bad audio) Skin - I always think of my friend when I hear this

I think of my friend again - WHAT HURTS THE MOST, so can here me singing

BOB THAT HEAD finale - not mine

and i love this that someone compiled together!


  1. the only concert i've ever been to was a britney spears concert when i was 9 for my birthday.

    don't laugh at me. Lol

  2. i went to a britney concert too

  3. I love Taylor's new song Change.

    And haha you sing very nicely.