Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Reflection of Summer & Promises for the Year

I learned so much this summer. This was the summer of change, of growing up, of memories, of loss, of love, and so much more. I think that if I look back at this summer, it will stand out from the rest of them in so many ways.

The Things I will Remember the Most about Summer:
-Kelli she's my best friend and passed away on July 1st. I miss her so much.
-California as much as I wanted to get out of that state and back to NY, I miss it.
-Driving cross country what an awesome week
-Sleeping until 10 and waking up to a new day
-Sharing a bed with Ethan...because sneaking out of eachother's houses was getting old
-Greece the weeks I spent there this summer were just...words cannot explain.
-Swimming the one thing about summer I love the most.
-Clothes because you can't get away with wearing a sundress and gladiators in NYC winters
-No rules because there ARE rules during the rest of the year.

So many more...

This summer went by waaaay to fast. School and colder weather is just around the corner and in some ways I want it so bad. This is the hopes for the next six months.

-Make Friends new school, new life, new expieriences will/should lead one to make friends.
-Good Grades because now that I am in college, the work should be harder...I hope.
-Move on I cannot cling to the past and what is not here. I need to work on getting over this.
-Stay in Touch with my family and old friends back in California.

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