Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I guess what really got me thinking this was Breaking Dawn (so good) and the fact of the words on the last page spoken by Bella and Edward.

Is there really a forever?
What does it mean?

Forever isn't tangible. We cannot grasp it, but we are able to think about it in a sense that a little kid opens up his arms like a T and says "I love you this much," or like we look at the starts and think "Wow there's a lot of stars up there."

I feel that in some cases that there is a forever, that it can go on FOREVER, but others there is a definite ending.

TIME, for example, is not a cycle like we see it. People created the calender and the clock, time would then keep on going getting larger and longer. We have been able to give ages and dates to things, but they really aren't what is happening. Time goes on forever. So do those set things that we have created labels for have a definate ending, YES.

LOVE, for my second and last example, is different. Do you grown to love someone or is it love at first sight. I know there is many types of love, in Latin there is multiple words for love - the love of a friend, the love of God, and the romantic love. I know that I feel all of these loves. But say you love someone and then you have this huge fight, and you realize that you hate them completely, but have you ever loved that person? Or is love something you dream about and is a huge disapointment when it actually happens (like sex). Or are you born to love that one person and you find them right away and grow to love them as your relationship develops. Or maybe you never find that person and are never able to love. But is love FOREVER, or is it over once one person or death decides it is over? Or does love not die even through fights and death?

I guess that the big question is what really is FOREVER? If you read it all, I love you.


  1. I see what you're saying.. I can't really fully grasp the concept of forever. I do agree that everything will eventually come to and end. But then I start thinking how people say 'outer space goes on forever'.... what does THAT mean? does outer space eventually end too? And what is outside of it? where do its borders lie? Does forever have borders? I'm so confused now.

  2. i completely understand the TIME one. read on my blog :Journal Entry On Love.
    i don't feel like retypiung all of that. Lol. but it basically says that im scared of love and that even though i'm scared of it i still believe that every single perosn on earth has a one true love and will find them eventually, even when they are dead. that might sound weird, the dead part, but after death there is eternity. life really never ends. it goes on Forever.

  3. God is forever. What we have is forever. I know where I will spend forever. Do you know? Do you think about that?