Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Treat your life like a firefly

Like it only gets to shine...for a little while. Catch it in a mason jar with holese in the top and run like show it off" - Me and Charlie Talking by Miranda Lambert.

Today is the day that two of my best friends in the universe become adults (or legal if you want to put it like that). I actually cried because they have turned 18 before me.

Once again, I feel like the baby. And in a way that's always who I'll be...for the longest time I was almost like their little sister. They were the ones who looked after me in school and made sure I got on the right train or got around the hallways right. They made sure I because friends with the "good" kids...and the group of people that my world revolved around had those two awesome people in the middle.

I owe them so much. (and still need a birthday present for each of them...AHH)

Tonight...I'm throwing a small party for these two great people...with that same group reunited again for the first time ina few years. This should be an interesting night. Of course, we've all gone different directions and have made different decisions. But tonight...we'll all be together again and I am so excited. These 7 people were such a great influence on my life.

So I am finish decorating and to get presents...maybe. or just wrapping a box with a note in it...that's probably whats gonna happen. Posting pics later maybe.

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  1. have fun.
    i'm sure you'll pick out something great for them.