Sunday, September 28, 2008

Great Weekend

Got home this afternoon to a rainy city and took a cab from Newark Airport and also took several pics of the grayness. Rain is stunning and magical and awesome. I love rain - it is one of my obsessions - I love everything about it. Went from the bright and sunny Cali to the dark and waiting NYC.

Anyway, back to the focus - my weekend. I got home (Cali) and authenic, homecooked Italian food was waiting for me (Thanks, DAD!) and then I fell back into the old rutine of group HW and helping the kids. Then I gave the littlest kids baths. Then it was bedtime. After that I talked to my dad. It was so nice just to chat with him.

Its the first time I've seen my brother since July and he's now almost 7 months old and has grown so much. He has these little dark curls and deep brown eyes...little Italian heartbreaker already.

Then Friday I took the older kids to breakfast with the non-school aged kids then dropped them at school and relieved the babysitter for the day and hungout with 3 awesome little kids. We made cookies. yum.

Friday we had movie night and had a popcorn fight just the older kids and me.

Then Saturday morning I had a chat with Ethan's mom. (who I love she's awesome) and she basically told me that I was a slob and that her son and I are living in sin and are crazy sex addicts and that we should be living in seperate rooms. I took the sisters shopping and I spoiled them ofcourse. And it was homecoming at my school so we went to that and my sister and a whole bunch of her friends and I went sliding up and down the hallway in our socks. It was so much fun. By the end we had a routine to SexyBack all figured out of use running and sliding and spinning and have it on vid...I'll try to get that up soon.

Today I cooked breakfast and we went to church then we came home and hung out some more then they drove me to the airport (Ethan's mother came too because of transportation issues) and I cried and my sister wouldn't let go of me and Tannie (the baby) was crying and I felt so bad leaving them there until Tuesday.

My dad was starting to go nuts though...because that long with out my mom there to help with the crazyness does that to you. My dad gave me yellow roses (my faves) and a thank you note and a lunchbox of food before I went through security.

I miss them already. That was my weekend and now I am sitting in my pajamas drinking some tea and catching up. I am alone for the first time in weeks because Ethan and all of them went to the Mets game then they're going to some after party with friends after (well duh because after parties can't be before). I'm supposed to go, but the awesome. They'll be back late and I've already called I'm here writing to all of you guys and catching up on everything.

How's Life?

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