Saturday, September 6, 2008


CALLED LOVE STORY. It'll be the first single off of her new album coming in Novemeber, but this single will be on itunes and radio this month! (I spend way to much time online looking her music up because I just can't get

Taylor wrote this one by herself again. I think I always like the songs that are just her writing better than the co-written ones which are still awesome.

Watch it all....

ANYWAY - now you can buy it on itunes and here's the video for it...I'll write me comments after.

I'll limit my comments to 15.
2-When Taylor sees him she kinda looks at him like, YUM appetizing.
3-The dresses and costumes...omg.
4-The balcony she's standing on is breathtaking...actuallly all the sets for this video are. and they are also very romantic and fairytale like (which was probably the goal).
5-I love her hair. It looks so pretty.
6-The way the sun comes through the back to light up around her head is stunning...almost angelic.(I am only about 45 seconds into the video)
7-Did I mention I want the dresses? (the one at the party and the one thats white and corsetted)
8-I love those woods and I love that horse.
9-When he comes out of the woods and the smile on her face is just pure happiness.
10-I love the way the dress billows out behind her as she's running down the stairs to meet second thought was "I would trip"
11-I really want a castle-type thing
12-When they finally embrace I was expecting a kiss.
13-When it goes back to modern day she's looking at "Romeo" like "this is gonna be great!"
14-I love this song already. I listened to it on repeat all afternoon.
15-BUY THIS SONG ITS GREAT. and my slight obsession with Miss Swift.

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    I was JUST about to ask you if you've heard this song.

    I should have known. =)


    I love it though.