Monday, September 29, 2008

some randomness

My dream last night: We (me and Ethan) were at this beach and it was all sunset-y and beautiful and then it was like the movie Jaws. We died/got eatten.

Anyway...the people I live with came home last night at around 10:30. Totally drunk - well...not Tabitha. She's the smart one. So they get home and I got hugs and we talked and we did other stuff- they don't remember it. So fast forward to this morning...blah blah blah me with a hungover boyfriend. So I baked a cake and decorated it excessivly out of boredom and it looks super cute. Then I met my friend for lunch and we did some shopping. Got purple faux suede boots.

I love my outfit today. Purple and Grey pinstiped against black vest over a dark purple tunic with grey tights and black boots. With some random and usual accesories thrown in.

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