Monday, July 14, 2008

Today's Quote

Tanya: "Ah, Edward, I've missed you."

I like this one. We know that the Cullens have spent time in Denali and that Tanya is very fond of Edward. To relate this to Mid Summer's Nights Dream, Tanya could be the one with all the magic-ness to screw everything up. So that would be all criss-crossed with:

Edward in love with Bella
Bella inlove with Jake and Tanya
Jake inlove with Bella and (if he ever imprints) Tanya
Tanya inlove with Edward and (if she returns feelings) Jake.

Maybe Tanya is also a wedding crasher (like Mike) and is there, to attempt, to get Edward.

Or maybe this is after the wedding and Edward and Bella have "gone of to college" (are they doing a semester so that Bella can have more "human expierences" -because if you read the first chapter this is probably what is happening) but I think it more likely that they've gone to change Bella because its away from the wolves.

I'll stop rambling now.

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  1. I really didn't love Twilight all that much... so I never read past the first book. Maybe I should.

    I really did not like As You Like it at ALL. I liked a Midsummer Night's Dream MUCH more. It just seemed so much more interesting.