Monday, July 28, 2008

Dreamin on Dreams, Wishin' on Wishes

Last night we went up to Bethel where we (me, my boyfriend Ethan, and a few friends) saw Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts. It was amazing.
I will post the few pictures and videos if i can figure out how later on. i didn't take many pictures but so many videos. (you can here me and my friend singing on the top of our lungs for all the RF songs in really bad voices. --i didn't realize that it would show up there but it did)
we got there and were able to get okay seats.
i won a keychain and asked a question to Taylor Swift through the GAC people and asked her who does she plan on voting for president. and then they gave me a T-shirt.
then she came on stage and was wearing this adorable blue sequin dress and she opened with I'm Only Me When I'm With You (one of my fave songs) then she did Our Song and was stopped in the middle and asked us to sing as obnoxiously loud as we possible can and thanks us for putting it at number 1 for 6 weeks and we all sang it and we were louder than her. she did a new song called Changes, and she's going to play it at the Olympics. it was really good. then she did should've said no then tim mcgraw and asked us to put our cell phones in the air (i got a really good pic of all of them)
to cap it all off she did picture to burn. and she started out like "i'm a nice person. but if you're mean to me, or are mean to my friends i'm gonna get even and write a song about you, make it a number one hit and make you wish that you would've done the write thing"
i was really hoping she'd play more stuff that will be on her next album and not just that one song. and more stuff that wasn't just her big hits.
and then RASCAL FLATTS ARE GODS. the came down from up above and did basically all their really great popular songs. and they were amazing. i got really good pics of them too.
and jay was like, "i noticed something when we were walking the grounds this morning and that is that all the girls up here wear little tight things. i saw this one girl walking around today with shorts so short it looked like her @ss was eating them. i bet their phone call would be: 'hey girl, its amy. did ya here rascal flAAATs (he said it like that too with the A all high and elongated) is coming around?' then the friend would talk and amy would say something like 'oh no no no you are nawt bringing his @ss to rascal flatts"
it was great. then i really loved the way they did movin on and skin, just little parts of them and not the whole song.
i had so much fun. didn't meet anyone though, but thats okay. i would have loved to meet joe don.
the little boy infront of us had a shirt that said "taylor you can drive my truck anyday" and i saw girls with shirts that said "some girls like their heels but we love our flatts"
but the trafic getting out of there was horrible. there were so many funny drunks in the parking lot. we sat there in bumper to bumper for about an hour and a half. it was like 1:30 by the time we got out of bethel grounds. and we got home at 4 am.
i'm tired.

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