Monday, July 28, 2008

Concert Pics

the end of a wonderful night. (we had then to wait a good hour in the parking lot before making it to the road)
taylor sort of close up (its on the big screen things)

the boys.

Taylor's set.

sunset over Bethel.

Stage with no zoom.

Taylor's pic on the GAC bus...ew Kieth Urban!

GAC bus. love them.

the tour buses. I tried getting back stage but they wouldn't let me.

Joe Don (he has a nice butt) and theres a pic of his baby on his guitar and he's my fave Rascal!

this is all the cell phones in the air during Tim Mcgraw by Taylor Swift.

these signs lit up at night and this was for the Bob that Head tour.


  1. you got some good pictures!!
    this is caramelkiss from teenvogue by the way. link me :]

  2. I bet you had so much fun! I'm so jealous. :)

    Thanks for taking pictures because I would have been pissed if you didn't (lol jk)


  3. that night was so much fun

    wish we were closer though

    taylor's hot