Sunday, July 13, 2008

BD quote anylisis

I'm going to try to analyze the quotes from Breaking Dawn for the next week, then I'm gone for a week-ish then back again. Your imput would be helpful, just email me.

Yesterday (July 12th) was:

Alice: "I’ll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors."
Edward: "Why don’t you just tell me who wins?"
Alice: "I do. Excellent."

I love the relationship between Edward and Alice. It is peculiarly odd. I'm guessing it is about the wedding. Of course Alice would win...because she's Alice and awesome.


Bella: "Oh, Mike, how will I go on?"

I think she's either talking about the wedding or the fact that Mike's gone all Wedding Crashers and has confessed his love for her (infront of Jessica -making her mad, of course) and Bella's standing there and Alice is doing her hair for the wedding and get the point - extreme sarcasm.

Okay...that's it for today.

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