Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Most Recent Epiphany

I am surrouned by tall people 24/7. friends, the people that I live with, and my classmates.

Everyone is atleast 5'8''.

My life is going pretty damn good right now. For once I can honestly look at my life and say I am happy.

This whole election/state of the economy is scary as freaking hell and its stressing me out big time.'s a pic to enjoy.

This is from last weekend. There's a pic of me and my friend kissing Dan Radcliffe's chest. Let's just say that we were bored. Standing in line for an hour does that too you. This is on...31st the All Time Low concert we had to get in line at the entrance of Jersey Boys next door and walk around the block due to our lateness. It was worth it though.

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