Saturday, October 11, 2008



The Twilight Trailer. The last one. And its amazing.

Let's just say that when I saw this I had an excitement orgasm - yes, it is that great.

All doubts I had have been erased. I can tell now that the creative forces behind this movie have made it their baby and its so amazing so far what these people have done.

My hopes for a movie being as good as the book it came from were ruined with Harry Potter. When I heard Twilight was going to be a movie I was actually kinda pissed. I didn't want to see another book series I love get ruined by Hollywood.

So far I love everything about this movie- from the cast to the scenes and clips I've seen to this Trailer. I love it. November cannot come soon enough.

MTV has an anylisis of it and its long and very it I suggest.

My is amazing...duh. LOVE THE KISS. I fast forward and replayed that again because i was too busy squealing. I love the small attentions to detail. I love Rob's sunglasses when they're walking through the parking lot to school. I love that we see more of the Cullens.

Oh--you can see it on the right. Love that little widget.

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  1. what happend to the teen vogue forums?