Saturday, August 8, 2009

ahh, life.

I've spent about one wonderfully amazing month here in Maine. From the 2 minute walk to the ocean and the sound of waves out my window when I sleep to the endless icecream possibilities. Everything has been so great. I'm sad to leave on Tuesday night.

We've spent the last week with some friends and every second there has been laughter, smiles, fighting over wether to watch Shark Week or What Not To Wear, and just everything has been so great. I've honestly never been happier. And I love to say that and I love to feel it.

And the best part is, I love that it shows. I don't have to force or fake anything anymore. And that makes other people happy too. Like Katie, she's had so many issues in this last year that I wouldn't have been able to handle, but today on the beach she just put her chin on my shoulder and her arm around me and said "I'm happy to have my best friend back." And that made me cry, because I spent a good three or four months of my life wasted and I regret that deeply.

I'm stopping now because I'm gonna take a walk with my girlies (Tobie -Ethan's sister/bestfriend, Katie (bestestfriendever), and Annika (bestfriendmadeatNYU)). Walks on the beach at night are the best becasue you find the best shells and its empty and it is beautiful. Look at the moon. It's stunning.


  1. Awww, glad you are having such a good time Ally! :)

  2. Were you there for the premiere of "Mine"? I think that was also in August.. isn't it?

    And I second the thought that walk on the beach at night is best because thats the time when you can listen to the sound of the ocean and just sit there, relaxing, drinking some stupid thing and wait for the sun to show up...