Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A present for you all tomorrow

from me. :)

Let's see, in the morning I have to go somewhere with Annika and then after I have the whole afternoon free. So, tonight, I learned new music for you all. *claps*

I will be doing tomorrow:
Fearless - def.
White Horse - possibly.
Tim McGraw - possibly.
You're not Sorry - def.
Breathe 2AM - def
Remembering Sunday - def.
Wonderwall - poss.
Hallelujah - poss.

There was more but my brain is lie sjaghoaiureghakkljgb right now...HAHA


Oh, last night, I had a lovely chat with the long lost Taylor and she's requested, and I insist that we all do a little chat. Wednesday to Monday are good for her. And for me too. Well, Sunday isn't (KFEST-this upstate little thing...seeing Gaga and TingTings, YES!!! and seeing KATIE!!!!) But yeah...so we need to do this. Like REALLY REALLY REALLY need to do this.

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