Friday, June 19, 2009

Take me back to the time when you took my hand & dragged my head first, fearless

Two new videos, Mary's Song (which is okay) and Fearless (which I screwed up...). Umm once again I am still sick....3 days of antibiotics left. YAY!!! Um. So in both I recorded the singing first, then I did guitar over them. Mary's Song is okay, except the guitar is a bit off it spots. Fearless I recorded the guitar part intro without a capo and then when I actually did it I put the capo on and it is a wierd random key change. Ignore that, please? Or jsut fast forward to the last minute or so....Thanks. :) Oh yeah, and I wasn't really dressed yet when I did ignore the huge ugly tee. :)

Here they are:

If you watch, you must comment. Thanks. here's what's being going on in Allyworld.

My family finally got here. So I spent last weekend with them. And went to Ikea with my mom twice and built furniture and etc. So much fun. I said that already though in the last post.

And we From Tuesday to yesterday I was in Boston for my bestfriend Kate's graduation. :) I'm so proud of her. She amazes me. And we had so much fun and just hung out.

And we are the greatest fans in the world. Tuesday night was the CMT fan voted award show. And Taylor was nominated for Video of the Year and voting was open until the end of the show. So we were sitting with our laptops open eating Fluff and pretzels and voting everytime we said the letter T. And she won...of course.

UMMMMMM. I'm here alone. In NY until Monday. Ethan's mom is getting married. We're both in the wedding. He left yesterday morning and I leave then. I think I'll go see the family tomorrow. But I'm excited for the wedding. I love weddings...except my own. But whatever. And I'll be there in that shithole of southern california that I love so much for a week. I'm sorry to any califorians that read this, but I hate that place.

And then we, being me and Ethan are going to Maine for the month of July and begining of August. :D Hopefully getting random fun jobs there and just spending all our free time on the beach.

AND RAIN I EFFING HATE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like it's been raining nonstop for the last two weeks. GRRR. I hate it so much. I want sun! It was sunny today but everything was wet and gross and blehhhhh.

Sorry for the long ramblingness. Bye.

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