Friday, June 5, 2009

As promised

1-Me talking about random crap
2-you're not sorry. taylor swift cover. a capella. ummm yeah. it's nowhere as good as my voice was, but it is getting better. i explain the multitasking thing in the first one, but this is an okay voice. with some random guitar.
3-fearless. :) crap voice. just the end. :) i love this song.
4-weightless - all time low. love this song.

it's taking forever, so every friday, or once a week i'm going to post songs. just random ones. i'm putting up these two because fearless is the first song i learned and i love it. and because YNS is my current favorite song because ...idk.

fucker. i just spent the last hour and a half uploading this and the website was like "rawr you can't do this. fyl"

trying again. will edit with it all on here. :) if it works.

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