Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Maybe its wishful thinking, maybe its FEARLESS.

Yesterday afternoon I recieved my "Fearless" boxset. It has a a box, obv, and a tee shirt that is a little big on me, the CD, a bumper sticker, a bracelet that is black and says "fearless" in silver, a photo album, a print of Taylor underwater, and the mosiac. I've got to be missing something

It's an early Christmas present, so thanks, Ethan..I love it (and you)! And I was like a little kid on Christmas opening it up.

I do think there are too many sad/break up songs on the album. But overall, it is amazing.

Listen to these songs...I'm posting them too.

This is The Best Day...she wrote it for her for her mom. I listened to it for the first time and cried. Cried because I miss my mom and because every thing in that song could be applied to me. Listen to it...it migh just be my favorite one on the album.

This is Fifteen. She wrote it about her and her best friend Abigail's freshman year. I love this one. I've been there, we all have.

This is Hey Stephen. I love it. Greatly written.

Also take a listen to Fearless (with is posted about) and White Horse (which I also posted about).

I think Fearless, Fifteen, The Best Day, and Hey Stephen have the best shots at being successful singles. So go buy it, it is out right now.

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  1. In reponse to your comment: lol yeah, epic. I want an Alice In Wonderland type thing :) haha

    and I'm trying to decided if I want to buy fearless or download it...