Sunday, November 16, 2008

I got my haircut and colored

and I love it. First time I've ever loved my hair.

I got it perma-straigtened until my hair gets long enought to look good curly.

Its shoulder length, a long bob almost. I have long layers and my bangs go to the end of my nose, so I'm waiting for them to grow out more. Don't ever get bangs. Its adorable. I love it. I look like a different person.

I love when you hair gets cut and it feels light and breezy and fresh...then you wash it and it feels all wierd.

Color wise, I went two shades lighter and two shades darker and a dark red.

I LOVELOVELOVE it. My mom and my younger sister that's closest in age to me love it. Other people don't though....coughethancough. He say's that I don't look like me and that he loves my hair...

whatever...I can still curl it on special occaisons.

Listening to - We Love You Conrad - ByeBye Birdie --reliving 9th grade.

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